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Elderflower close-up with blurred parts


When will this Day be celebrated?  June 13th of each calendar year.

What is National Elderflower Day?  This day is about celebrating all things elderflower during the peak of elderflower harvest season! This joyful flower has that delicious “je ne sais quoi” that makes it perfect for flavoring anything – from sweets and pastries, to candy, to tea, and of course, delicious elderflower liqueur. Its delicate nature and brief blooming season make it a special bloom worth celebrating.

Why is this day being created?  Everyone loves the intriguing flavor of fresh elderflower, and we should celebrate the harvest of these beautiful blossoms during their brief season. The careful hand-harvesting of fresh elderflowers that occurs during these beautiful weeks when the flowers are blooming allows us to enjoy the flavor all year long.

How should this day be observed?  The best way to celebrate Elderflower Day is with your favorite drink or cocktail, like a St~Germain Spritz!

Who created this day?  This day was created by Katie Renshaw in 2022.