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When is this day? June 10

What is this day? National EHS Awareness Day is a day is to raise awareness for all of those suffering from EHS, or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome. While currently it is not a medical diagnosable condition due to little medical research surrounding the symptoms and effects, many international scientists and doctors recognize it as a legitimate and debilitating illness that comes from a sensitivity to your electrical environment (WiFi, mobile devices, electronics, etc.). Some are barely affected, but some have become functionally impaired by this sensitivity, especially as wireless and electronic devices become more and more universal to our everyday lives.

Many with this condition have been functionally impaired for years, and because of the low awareness surrounding this topic, they had to spend a lot of money to see multiple doctors before getting an answer to their health problems. It can be extremely debilitating for many, many people. Studies show that 20% of the population might have EHS, but because it is not a known illness people might not even know they have it. It is clear that technology is having many negative effects on people, from social isolation and mental illness to a rise in ADHD, obesity, and many learning disabilities as well as sleep issues.

Who created this day? This company was founded by DefenderShield in 2020. 

How should this day be celebrated or observed? Those with EHS should post about how real the illness is for them, and allow other people to learn about EHS. The more awareness grows, the more research might be focused on how to diagnose it and treat it.