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National Ear Health Day

What is National Ear Health Day?

It’s time to recognize ear care as an integral part of self-care. Many of us carve out time to exercise, moisturize our faces, do our hair, meditate, and cultivate simple habits that improve our health, wellness, and inner beauty. On Ear Health Day, we are expanding our self-care routines to not just be head to toe but also ear to ear! Reviving practices like ear candling from centuries-old wellness traditions and using natural ear oils and gentle cleaners not only nourish the small yet integral body part that can contribute to our equilibrium but also instill a calming, soothing ritual into self-care routines for all ages. We invite everyone to lend an ear to our health and take control of our personal well-being by celebrating Ear Health Day on September 19 and every day. As we celebrate September as national self-care month, Ear Health Day will focus on promoting awareness and education around one of the most important sensory organs in our body, our ears.

Why was National Ear Health Day created?

So often, the ears are overlooked when it comes to self-care and personal health. When people think of health, wellness, and beauty routines, the ears rarely come to mind. Yet, we live in a world where our ears are increasingly stimulated by podcasts, Airpods / Earbuds, and noise pollution; we wake up with alarms and fall asleep to white noise. Ear Health Day will help bring awareness to this vital body part by inspiring individuals to see how ear care is self-care and understand the easy ways to prioritize better ear health.

How should National Ear Health Day be celebrated?

  • Celebrate Ear Health Day by seizing new ways to pay attention to ear care.
  • Raise the conversation about ear care as a priority to care for one of our main senses to perceive and enjoy the world we live in.
  • Raise awareness about the numerous practices of calming, cleansing, and healthful habits centered around ear care that can easily be incorporated into everyone’s daily or weekly wellness rituals. Draw attention to the benefits and impacts of practices centered on the ear, such as ear massage, on overall wellbeing (soothing of stress and anxiety, endorphins release, help with insomnia or lethargy)
  • Engage with industry professionals and involve experts to popularize experiences easy to incorporate at home; from the integration of nutritious minerals and vitamins that benefit the ear health to spa-like practices such as ear massage, ear lavage, ear candling or the usage of an organic ear oil to soothe the body and naturally prevent and relieve discomfort, dirt, wax or excess buildup as well as support ear health in other fitness activities from the water to the mountains.
  • Encourage and educate the public on further personal and professional best practices such as the usage of noise cancelling devices, piercing care, recommended volumes for electronic devices and headphones, as well as encourage recommended checkups with ENT doctors.
  • Create space for children to enjoy clean ears safely with cleansing products designed to make bath time rituals even richer.

Ear Health Day is a time to appreciate everything our ears do for us and learn more about how our ears impact our balance and how our balance impacts our ears.