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When is National Don’t Fry Day?

National Don’t Fry Day occurs on the Friday before Memorial Day.

What is National Don’t Fry Day?

Poor guy. You know the one. He just got back from his beach trip, red as a freshly steamed lobster. It hurts, sure, but it’s also unhealthy. Near the beginning of summer, National Don’t Fry Day reminds us to take care of ourselves by limiting our sun exposure.

Sunburn causes DNA damage. That’s why our skin peels after a bad sunburn. When ultraviolet (UV) rays cook skin cells too long, they can’t be repaired. The body has to get rid of those cells.  And even with the body’s natural defenses, successive sunburns can eventually become cancerous. So we protect our skin with sunscreens and clothes.

Your eyes need protection too. At certain angles, UV rays reflect off bodies of water, like lakes or the ocean. That’s why your eyes are tired after a no-sunglasses day at the beach.

So get out there and enjoy some sun, but be smart. Use National Don’t Fry Day to make a plan for keeping your skin healthy and wholesome throughout the summer.

Fun facts about National Don’t Fry Day!

  • If it’s found early enough, skin cancer is very curable.
  • Anyone with a history of severe sunburns earlier in life is at a higher risk for skin cancer.
  • A sunscreen’s SPF (Sun Protection Factor) measures how much ultraviolet radiation gets through to your skin, but many only focus on UVB rays. Broad-spectrum sunscreen also blocks UVA rays.
  • Anyone can get skin cancer, regardless of race or ethnicity.

How to celebrate National Don’t Fry Day:

  • Heading to the sun? Start with a hat. Wear wraparound sunglasses to keep your eyes safe. Cover up with a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen. And take regular breaks in the shade to cool off.
  • Pay attention to changes on your skin. If a skin growth begin to change shape or color, play it safe. Check with your doctor.
  • Learn the risk factors for skin cancer. Make sure you know your family medical history.

What’s the hashtag for National Don’t Fry Day?

Use #DontFryDay on social media to promote sun safety.