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When is National Dog Biscuit Day?

February 23rd is National Dog Biscuit Day.

What is National Dog Biscuit Day?

Treat yo self, sure, but don’t forget Rover. Our dogs deserve recognition and affection, so owners across the nation choose National Dog Biscuit Day to bestow biscuits on their canine companions.

Dogs keep us company, keep us safe from intruders, and perform the indispensable function of keeping squirrels away from the birdfeeder. What better way to treat your dog than observe National Dog Biscuit Day? This canine occasion even has traction abroad as International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day.

Every dog has its day, and every dog should get a biscuit on National Dog Biscuit Day.

Fun facts about National Dog Biscuit Day!

  • Dogs usually develop an intolerance to lactose after weaning.
  • Preservatives found in processed meat products can give dogs a fatal thiamine deficiency, so eat your sausages and ignore Rover’s pleading stare.
  • A dog’s intestines are six times longer than its body.
  • Dog biscuits are great tools for reinforcement in dog training. Bribery, however, does not have the same positive effect.

How to celebrate National Dog Biscuit Day:

  • Give your dog a treat. Buy your pooch’s favorite biscuits, or find a dog-friendly recipe online for a homemade option.
  • Use treats to train your dog or maintain training you’ve already accomplished. Research the difference between reinforcement and bribery in dog training to be sure you don’t instill bad habits.

What’s the hashtag for National Dog Biscuit Day?

Give your pup some props on social media with #NationalDogBiscuitDay.