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When is National Disc Golf Day?

The first Saturday in August is National Disc Golf Day.

What is National Disc Golf Day?

When the sun comes out on those early August days, it’s time to hit the green—the disc golf green, that is. Pros and amateurs alike use National Disc Golf Day to highlight the pleasure of disc golf.

Modern flying discs might only be as new as the 1940s, but disc sports have been around for ages. The ancient Greeks threw the discus in their early Olympics. In the ‘60s, disc golf took off in America with the development of associations and public courses.

Now, disc golfers can be found on hundreds of college campuses and public parks. You’ll know them by that determined (yet relaxed) expression as they watch their plastic UFO-lookalike drift into a metal net.

Just like traditional golf, disc golf requires patience and practice. For some, it’s a stress reliever after a long day. For others—the professionals—disc golf is the long day. Either way, share your love for disc golf on National Disc Golf Day.

Fun facts about National Disc Golf Day!

  • Pasadena, CA is home to the first permanent disc golf course.
  • Playing disc golf develops your concentration.
  • National Disc Golf Day appeared in 2016 thanks to the Professional Disc Golfer’s Association (PDGA).
  • You know that familiar disc golf chain net? “Steady Ed” Headrick filed the first patent for such a device in August of 1977. He also formed the PDGA.
  • Disc golf is an inexpensive sport. A professional-level disc might cost as little as $15.

How to celebrate National Disc Golf Day:

Hit the green with your discs. Take some friends or go solo. Don’t forget to stay hydrated.

What’s the hashtag for National Disc Golf Day?

Post your disc golf plans on social media using #NationalDiscGolfDay.