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When is National Dessert Day? October 14th is National Dessert Day.

What is National Dessert Day?

Save room for dessert? No problem. Dessert is as American as apple pie. Chocolate chip cookies, Boston cream pie, and brownies (which are like chocolate cakes that leveled up in the oven) deserve their own day, so we celebrate National Dessert Day.

Have you ever lit your dessert on fire? Maybe you have, if you’ve ever made s’mores. Try baked Alaska if you want to add to your repertoire of toasted post-dinner sweets.

We’re pretty creative when it comes to desserts. Just look at vanilla pudding: it’s bananas and pudding mixed with cookies—yes, cookies—which creates something altogether new. Consider the maple bacon doughnut and the deep fried Snickers. Who comes up with these ideas? Here’s a better question: who cares?

National Dessert Day revels in the human ingenuity that forms sugar and flour into cake and cookies. So get out there and make some sweets!

Fun facts about National Dessert Day!

  • The creator of chocolate chip cookies, Ruth Wakefield, accidentally produced a batch of these treats when she ran out of cocoa powder and substituted chopped chocolate (because “chocolate chips” weren’t even invented yet).
  • Sugar melts at 320° F and then caramelizes around 340° F. That’s why your snickerdoodle recipes call for an oven set to 350° F.
  • Boston cream pie is actually a cake.
  • German chocolate cake is named after Samuel German, who was actually American.

How to celebrate National Dessert Day:

Bake a cake! Or cookies. Or chocolate mousse pie. Create something sweet and irresistible, made of chocolate, cream, fruit, or all of the above. Get help from your friends or your roommates or your kids. Dessert is always more fun with company.

What’s the hashtag for National Dessert Day?

To share your creations on social media, use #NationalDessertDay.