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National Day of Motoring

When is National Day of Motoring? This day will take place on July 24 of each calendar year.

What is National Day of Motoring? The National Day of Motoring is a day to celebrate the institution of driving or as we at MINI USA like to call it – motoring. MINI has making cars – commonly known as MINI Coopers – that are fun to drive for over 60 years. In fact, “fun to drive” is the number one reason people buy a MINI. Our owner community is known to join up through clubs and local dealers rally (drive together) on weekends just to enjoy the road and the company of like-minded MINI owners and to support local charities.

Why is this day being celebrated or observed? This day celebrates driving and joy it brings to people who like to rally. MINI has always been about “For the Drive,” so we think this day is a great opportunity for all drivers across the country to celebrate their love of driving.

How should this day be celebrated or observed? The National Day of Motoring should be celebrated by hitting the road and driving for fun. The National Day of Motoring is all about celebrating a love for driving and the institution of motoring in America. Gather a group of friends and plan a scenic drive, pack a picnic, and enjoy the day. It can also be celebrated by engaging with a local charity to raise awareness or funds to support a good cause.

Who created this day? This day was created in May 2021 by MINI USA.