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When is this day? July 18

What is this day? Companies and people ingest data everyday. The data ingested ranges from Megabytes to Petabytes. In the future the amount of data ingested will grow expeditiously and larger than our imagination. Imagine all of that data, helping companies and people make investments and decisions, but the data is inaccurate. Inaccurate data occurs everyday and the impact could be detrimental to the business and individual making decisions based on the data. This is why “Dapper your Data” is so important. “Dapper” is clean, organized and crisp and your data should be as well.

This day was being created to ensure companies are accurately representing their data to the best of of their knowledge and to help companies represent individual’s data to the best of their knowledge. This day allows companies and individuals to take time out of their day to clean their data using data mining techniques and tools. The pace of every organization and person does not allow the time to do something that is of such importance.

Who created this day? This day was founded by Dapper Data, LLC in 2020. 

How should this day be celebrated or observed? “Dapper your Data” day should be celebrated by individuals and organizations who would like to focus on cleaning their data. Organizations will spend the day reviewing all of the data they ingested and cleaning that data. Individuals should spend time cleaning up their emails, photos (i.e. Google Photos and the metadata associated) and any data that big companies use to make decision for the customer such as Google and Amazon.