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When is National Daiquiri Day? National Daiquiri Day is celebrated on July 19th

What is National Daiquiri Day? A daiquiri is a smorgasbord cocktail with a host of variations. The main ingredients include rum, citrus juice (usually lime), and sugar.

Daiquiri has a rather unique history: It was founded by miners in Havana, Cuba during the Spanish-American War. Supposedly, the local town was named Daiquiri, as were the mines. This drink began to slowly get around, then in 1909 it was tried by a U.S. Navy Officer and introduced by said Officer to the Army and Navy Club in Washington D.C. From then on, the daiquiri has only grown in popularity.

Fun fact about National Daiquiri Day! Daiquiri was a favorite drink to both President John F. Kennedy and Ernest Hemingway.

How to celebrate National Daiquiri Day: The best way to celebrate this national unofficial holiday is by getting together with your friends and enjoying a daiquiri. You can order these frozen or not. And of course, you have the option of staying in, gather a wide variety of ingredients, and crafting your own daiquiri! A quick YouTube search will show you an assorted variety of recipes for the daiquiri. This last option comes highly suggested, it’ll be fun, cheaper, and much safer.

What is the hashtag for National Daiquiri Day? Keep tabs on your day through social media using #nationaldaquiriday!