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When will National Cryocooler Day be celebrated? April 2nd of each calendar year.

What is National Cryocooler Day? Cryocoolers are devices that are able to cool down to temperatures nearing absolute zero. That is equivalent to -460 degrees F! The key temperature in the industry is 4.2 in the Kelvin scale because that is the point in which helium gas turns into liquid. Liquid helium can be used to cool down materials in order to achieve superconducting conditions. We propose April 2nd for our national day to signify the temperature of 4.2 Kelvin. This is the day in which we celebrate the benefits of cryocoolers as well as all of the technologies they support. Some examples of industries that cryocoolers are used in are quantum computing, telescopes, medical and life science imaging, space exploration, and clean energy.

How should National Cryocooler Day be celebrated or observed? Individuals or organizations that work in the aforementioned industries can share fun facts about helium as well as the technology that cryocoolers are used in. This day can be used as a reminder to broaden your horizons and continue to learn/innovate as well as celebrate the successes in each industry over the years.

Why was National Cryocooler Day created? By designating a day for the celebration of this very useful technology, we can create awareness and recognition to those in the cryogenics industry as well as adjacent industries. This national day can be a cornerstone for advertising as well as a catalyst of innovation through relationship building and celebration around the world.

Who created this day? This day was created by Cryomech, Inc. in 2022.