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When is National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day? July 1st is the day we celebrate unique flavors of our favorite treat, ice cream! 

What is National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day? Ice cream was invented by the Greeks in the 5th century BC! Needless to say, there has been a lot of time to try out some wacky flavors and you best believe there’s more to ice cream than chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. This national holiday forces us out of our unimaginative rut and invites us to explore some of the extraordinary flavors that have been crafted over the last 2,500 years.

Fun facts about National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day! There are tons of ice cream shops in every major city that love national creative ice cream flavors day! You can visit a website like thrillist to marvel at and visit some of these incredible locations.

How to Celebrate National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day: This mouthful of a phrase should be filled with a mouthful of conflicting and complimenting flavors. There are three flavorful ways this brain freezing day can be enjoyed:

  1. Head to the local grocery store and get an assortment of wild flavors to take home and craft your own creative ice cream flavor. Never a bad idea when friends and family are available to join in the experimentation.
  2. Visit your city’s top ice cream shop to explore their unique flavor creations. This option will give you the cultural experience with all of its glorious flavors.
  3. Grab some friends and go support your local neighborhood ice cream shop. There is something noble about supporting local business owners and you may just be pleasantly surprised at the quality.

This national day is not for the timid and bashful. Today we go beyond the bland and take ice cream to a whole new level. Just to jumpstart your creative imagination here is a list of truly distinct flavor combinations:

  • Beer ice cream
  • Pear with blue cheese
  • Vietnamese coffee with frosted almonds and peanut butter curry (yup, it doesn’t get much more gnarly than that!)
  • Fruity pebbles and pumpkin spice

What is the hashtag for National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day? #CreativeIceCreamFlavorsDay