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What day is National Cousins Day celebrated? July 24.

What is National Cousins Day? National Cousins Day is a day to tell your cousins how much you appreciate them. “First cousins” are children of one’s aunt or uncle and whose closest common ancestor is a grandparent. Cousins often become lifelong friends through bonding at family reunions and get-togethers, holidays, birthday parties or weddings.

How to celebrate: Contact your cousins and let them know you appreciate them. If they live close, spend time together. Otherwise, reach out through social media. Spend time reminiscing and making new memories. Be sure to post to social media pictures and favorite stories.

What is the hashtag? The hashtag for National Cousins Day is #NationalCousinsDay.

What other national days are there for cousins, relatives or family? Several other national days have sprung up to celebrate relatives or family, including:

  • National American Family Day: First Sunday in August
  • National Aunts and Uncles Day: July 26
  • National Brothers Day: May 24
  • National Grandparents Day: Sunday after Labor Day
  • National Parents Day: Fourth Sunday in July
  • National Siblings Day: April 10
  • National Sisters Day: First Sunday in August

There are many other national days relating to cousins, relatives or family. In fact, National Day Archives has a separate category just for family. (see links at the top of the page)

If you want to celebrate family in a special or unique way, consider creating a national day for your clan!