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When is National Country Music Day?

July 4th is National Country Music Day.

What is National Country Music Day?

If you like to catch the sunset from your truck bed after a hard day’s work, you might be a country fan. But fans know there’s more to the genre than Stetsons and cowboy boots. National Country Music Day celebrates country for its straight shootin’ and hometown flavor, not to mention that patriotic twang.

The genre grew out of Appalachian folk music. It started getting air time in the ‘20s on Georgia radio stations and now has countless subgenres. Many country artists have dabbled across genres too, swinging between country, pop, and rock, even dipping into rap here and there.

Whether you prefer the countrified rock of Shania Twain or the crisp rumble of Johnny Cash’s bass, National Country Music Day beckons you on the Fourth of July. So turn up the volume, remember the flag and your mamma, and enjoy the simple good life.

Fun facts about National Country Music Day!

  • Between 1982 and 2009, George Straight had more #1 hits—60 of them!—than any music artist, country or not.
  • During one of Johnny Cash’s concerts at San Quentin, Merle Haggard was in attendance as an inmate.
  • The Country Music Deejay Association started National Country Music Day in the ‘50s to honor the father of country music, Jimmie Rodgers.

How to celebrate National Country Music Day:

  • Play your favorite country music.
  • Get yourself some sweet tea, or something harder, and take the music to your front porch. Call the neighbors over, and get your friends and family too.
  • Take it way back to Hank Williams. Fast-forward a bit to Alan Jackson or Tim McGraw. And don’t forget that it’s Independence Day. Whoever you play is bound to have plenty of patriotic ballads for your July 4th festivities.

What’s the hashtag for National Country Music Day?

Post on social media with #CountryMusicDay.