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When is National Control Room Workers’ Day? This day will take place on June 12th of each year beginning in 2024.

What is National Control Room Workers’ Day? National Control Room Worker’s Day, celebrated annually on June 12th, is a day to honor the hardworking, progressive, and devoted control room workers across the world. 

Control Room Workers work assiduously around the clock, often in hazardous and stressful conditions, sacrificing valuable time with their families, and going above and beyond to ensure the public is safe and secure in their homes and communities.

Baltimore Gas Electric (BGE) Operations Control Center (OCC) and Exelon Utility Company proudly recognizes and honors their hardworking and dedicated Control Room Workers, as well as, all Control Room Workers in the Gas and Transmission areas of the company, and those across the nation for the services they perform around the clock, often under stressful conditions. They do so remaining cognizant that every decision they make directly impacts the safety of service operators and field technicians as they perform their work, and the safety of the public.

Why is this day being celebrated or observed? The Control Room Worker is a highly specialized and trained professional with the proficiency in a wide variety of tasks and functions specific to the organizations they work in, and they are committed to providing exemplary 24/7/365 service in their dedicated career fields. They are problem solvers who help to safely maintain and improve systems in a vast number of industries. The Control Room is The Room where IT happens, and the Control Room Worker is the one responsible for how things turn out.

The Control Room Worker, required to work well under pressure and adapt quickly to change, must remain flexible and productive in times of continuing transformation and high stress. They are excellent analytical thinkers who can gather data and determine which best course of action to take after identifying possible consequences — many times done in split-second timing. 

A Control Room Worker is a leader here at BGE and we consider them the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). They are Designated Authorities that are accountable for the safe performance of work by operators and technicians, and each decision made by the Control Room Worker can be the difference between life and death for employees in the field and citizens going about their everyday lives. Below is a list of some, not all, industries where production control is monitored and governed by Control Room Workers: 

  • Bulk Electric / Aerospace / Aviation/ Energy
  • Military / Engineering / IT/ Government / Cyber Ops
  • Transportation / Waster and Water Management
  • Financial Services/ Forest Products/ Food and Beverage
  • Healthcare /Manufacturing /Metals and Mines / Petrochemical

How should this day be celebrated or observed?

Your Life Is Better Because Of The Work They Do!

BGE is happy to acknowledge June 12th as National Control Room Worker’s Appreciation Day! We invite other companies and agencies throughout the U.S. and across the world, to celebrate the day as well. This is a great opportunity to honor the devoted women and men who work in these roles every day— many times unseen and unheard from.
To honor BGE’s Control Room Workers, we invite you to take a moment to thank them for the work they do every day. If you live outside of the BGE service territory, we invite you to recognize the Control Room Workers that provide service in the area(s) where you live and work.

You can drop a card of thanks in the mail addressed to a local organization that employs these amazing women and men. At the job, write them a note of thanks or send them a small token of appreciation. Lastly, use the hashtag, “#ThanksControlRoomWorkers” on social media to show your support for the women and men who make our lives more safe, more comfortable, and more productive.

Who created this day? This day was created in August 2023 by Baltimore Gas and Electric Company.