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When is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day?

September 17th is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.

What is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day?

The birth of the nation might have been 1776, but the U.S. got its birth certificate in 1787. Constitution Day and Citizenship Day commemorate the document that defines our government and the benefits it gives American citizens.

American citizenship entails a pretty swank set of privileges. Our Founding Fathers signed the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787. The Constitution spells out those rights, as well as a number of responsibilities. It puts power in the people’s hands and defines the purposes and limits of the government. 

And let’s be realistic. It might take a long time to read all 7,591 words (including all of its amendments), but that’s nothing compared to the 146,385-word English translation of India’s constitution. Now that, my friend, is a long read.

Citizenship and the Constitution go hand-in-hand. When an immigrant becomes a citizen, he or she takes the Oath of Allegiance, which involves swearing to “support and defend the Constitution and laws” of the U.S.A. So take this day to celebrate your American freedoms and enjoy the privileges of citizenship.

Fun facts about Constitution Day and Citizenship Day!

Native U.S. citizens are born in the States.

Naturalized citizens immigrated to the U.S. and then underwent the process of becoming a U.S. citizen.

The Iowa school system first recognized Constitution Day back in 1911. Ohio activist Olga T. Weber later lobbied for a national Constitution Day, and Congress signed it into law in 1953.

Citizenship Day began as “I Am an American Day” at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. Congress chose to change the name to Citizenship Day in 1952 and move the date to September 17th.

How to celebrate Constitution Day and Citizenship Day:

Use your right to vote. Study current issues and political arguments to prep for the next chance you get to cast your Constitution-secured ballot in an election.

Attend a naturalization ceremony in Philadelphia, or find one near you.

Toast the Constitution. Use whatever beverage most inspires your sense of American citizenship.

What’s the hashtag for Constitution Day and Citizenship Day?

Use #ConstitutionDay and #CitizenshipDay to celebrate your American heritage.