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When will this Day be celebrated?  June 1st of each calendar year.

What is National Cloud Database Day?   

National Cloud Database Day will celebrate cloud-native databases across all industries spanning from transportation and package delivery to retail and banking. The growth of digital business, mobile devices, flexible agile development and microservices has made legacy databases obsolete. Today, companies rely on modern databases to keep business running across almost every sector. Cloud databases enable organizations to perform the functionalities that traditional databases do, including the facilitation of storage, retrieval, modification and deletion of data in tandem with data-processing operations, with an added layer of flexibility and speed for enterprise architects and application developers.

Another benefit of databases deployed in the cloud is efficiency and affordability. As an example, a database-as-a-service shifts the operational management to a vendor so that the business can focus resources elsewhere like innovation. A fully managed cloud database takes care of a business’s automated setup, backups, upgrades, and ongoing management to deliver an always-on service, reducing operational efforts.

National Cloud Database Day provides industry professionals with an opportunity to raise awareness for cloud databases – what they are, why they’re crucial to current and future technological innovation and how they can be implemented to better manage customer data for businesses’ modern applications.

Why is this day being created?   

Currently, there is no National Day dedicated to cloud databases. Establishing this National Day will raise awareness among business, developer and tech communities about the value of cloud databases and how they are the backbone of modern enterprises. This day would also provide the many cloud database vendors an opportunity to highlight innovation and differentiation of their platforms.

How should this day be observed?   

Developers, enterprise architects, administrators, engineers, vendors, influencers, reporters, systems integrators, ISVs, cloud service providers, analysts and anyone else involved in the database industry can celebrate National Cloud Database Day by posting on social media using the hashtags #CloudDBDay and #NationalCloudDatabaseDay. Members of the database community and broader technology/business industry can also develop company or individual bylined blog posts and implement organizational training sessions around cloud database technology to better educate employees on why cloud databases are a key factor for successful digital transformation. This content can include facts, tips, graphics and real-world case studies on cloud databases.

National Cloud Database Day can also be leveraged by companies to show appreciation and recognition for database architects, developers and administrators with interactive activities, awards or other commemoration.

In subsequent years, vendors will be encouraged to time product announcements and company/industry events around National Cloud Database Day.

Who created this day? This day was created by Couchbase in 2022.