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When is National Clean Out Your Computer Day?

The second Monday in February is National Clean Out Your Computer Day.

What is National Clean Out Your Computer Day?

An external hard drive with a Terabyte of data only costs $55, and even that might be expensive by the time you read this. With so much space, it’s easy to forget that cluttered hard drives slow computers down. On National Clean Out Your Computer Day, folks across the nation scour their computers for files, apps, anything that bears deleting.

More than 80% of the country keeps a computer or laptop at home, and many also have computers at work. National Clean Out Your Computer Day is the chance to clear out the chaos and speed things up.

Fun facts about National Clean Out Your Computer Day!

  • The first Hard Disk Drive (HDD) launched in 1956. It was IBM’s supercomputer, the 305 RAMAC, which weighed more than a ton for the 5 MB of data it stored.
  • Every minute, a modern hard drive spins 5,400 to 7,200 times.
  • As far back as 2013, Netflix needed about 3.14 PB of hard drive space for its banks of movies. That’s about 3.3 million gigabytes. (Data from Star Trek said his brain only held a mere 88 PB.)

How to celebrate National Clean Out Your Computer Day:

  • Delete files and apps on Windows. Go to Settings > System > Storage to find the largest files, and pitch what you don’t need. Then go to Settings > Apps & Features to find which apps you don’t use; scrap them. Follow that with Disk Cleanup.
  • Delete macOS Files. Click the menu bar’s Apple icon and then “About this Mac.” Select the Storage tab, click manage, and then commence an application and file deletion spree. Check out the Reduce Clutter option while you’re there.
  • Clear your browser history.
  • Empty the trash, and reboot.
  • Wipe down the screen and clean the keyboard with rubbing alcohol while you’re in the cleaning mood.
  • For bonus points, prune your social media. Even if you don’t take the time to unfollow the boring or angry mobs, research how to manage your feeds on the social media platforms you use.

What’s the hashtag for National Clean Out Your Computer Day?

Share how much disc space you cleared out with #CleanOutYourComputerDay on social media.