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When is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? August 4th gives us National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

What is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? Chocolate chips were created by Ruth Graves Wakefield in 1938 and were an instant national hit. Before Ruth fashioned this culinary masterpiece, she and her husband ran a restaurant called the Toll House Inn and were famous for their food. However, as you can imagine, their fame has taken its place in the history books once they crafted the chocolate chip cookie — originally known as the Toll House Cookie. Since then there have been an unbelievable amount of variations on the chocolate chip cookie but it all started by Ruth Graves Wakefield.

Fun facts about National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Just like so many great foods, the chocolate chip cookie came to be out of curiosity. Ruth just wanted to know what it would taste like if she put pieces of chocolate into a sugar cookie dough. Because of Ruth’s childlike curiosity the kitchen hasn’t been the same.

How to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day: Hop online, find a recipe that makes your mouth water, get the ingredients, make it, eat too much of it, and not regret a thing.

Or… pull a Ruth Graves Wakefield and let your curiosity guide you. Either way, today is a day of delicious play!

What is the hashtag for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? #chocolatechipcookieday