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Chiropractic Health Assistant Day

What is National Chiropractic Health Assistant Day?

The Chiropractic Health Assistant has been a profession for as long as there have been chiropractic & wellness care. A chiropractic health assistant is both a health assistant and an administrator.

They provide support to patients and practitioners to ensure good health & care.

They deserve to be recognized and celebrated for all their dedication to patient care.

Why was National Chiropractic Health Assistant Day created?

I have been a chiropractic assistant for more than 25 years. There have been secretary day, then administrative day, and nurses day, but we fall outside of those days. During the pandemic we, too, were front line workers and I started the Canadian Chiropractic Assistant Association to support assistants and to have our profession recognized. I believe the profession should be given recognition.

How should National Chiropractic Health Assistant Day be celebrated?

Simply by thanking Chiropractic Assistants for their long dedication to caring for patients and assisting practitioners.