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What day is National Cheeseburger Day celebrated? September 18.

What is National Cheeseburger Day? National Cheeseburger Day celebrates one of the most popular sandwiches in America.

Although the hamburger was created in America in 1900, the cheeseburger was created in 1926 when a 16-year old fry cook dropped a slice of cheese on a hamburger while working at his father’s sandwich shop.

Here are some fun facts about cheeseburgers according to once source:

  • The largest cheeseburger ever made in the world weighed in at a whopping 777 pounds. Created June 2, 2011 at the Alameda County Fair in California by Juicy’s, the giant burger also featured 50 pounds of cheese. The bun alone weighed in at 272 pounds and contained an estimated 1.375 million calories.
  • The popular Jimmy Buffett song “Cheeseburger in Paradise” was inspired by a boat trip Buffett took. Hampered by bad weather and tired of the canned food and peanut butter stocked aboard, Buffett found himself continually craving a cheeseburger. When the boat finally docked on the island of Tortola, Buffett was able to order the cheeseburger he had been fantasizing about.

Here are some fun facts about hamburgers:

  • Americans consume 50-billion burgers a year
  • The average American eats a hamburger three times a week
  • McDonalds sells 75 hamburgers every second, and sells 550 million Big Macs each year
  • Nearly 60-percent of all sandwiches sold worldwide are actually hamburgers

How to celebrate: The best way to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day is to eat a cheeseburger, whether at your favorite restaurant or grilled at home. Be sure to share a cheeseburger with friends or family. In addition, share your favorite pictures or recipes on social media.

What is the hashtag? The hashtag for National Cheeseburger Day is #NationalCheeseburgerDay.

What other national days are there for burgers or food? Several other national days have sprung up to celebrate burgers, including:

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