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When is National Cheese Fondue Day?

National Cheese Fondue Day is April 11th.

What is National Cheese Fondue Day?

Wine and cheese are classic ingredients for date night, and cheese fondue unites them into the ultimate food for two. Anyone can enjoy cheese fondue though, dating or no, and we celebrate this Swiss dish on National Cheese Fondue Day.

Cheese fondue began as a way to avoid wasting old cheese and stale bread, but it has evolved into so much more. It’s as old as the 17th century. Lucky for us though, this delectable ambrosia migrated to the U.S. in the ‘60s, and Americans have enjoyed it ever since.

Appropriate seasoning is important, but the heart of fondue is the cheese and wine. At least two cheeses must be used. Many combinations can create the perfect fondue texture, such as Gruyere, Emmentaler, and Cheddar cheese. As for the wines, acidic types like Savoyard or a high-acid Swiss wine help prevent the fondue from splitting. If no such wines are available, a squeeze of lemon juice can do in a pinch.

Fun facts about National Cheese Fondue Day!

  • The name “cheese fondue” wasn’t applied until an 1875 Swiss recipe book.
  • Fondue is usually served in a pot called a caquelon, which is heated over a special burner known as a réchaud.
  • Wine and cheese don’t usually mix together well, so the trick to creating the perfect emulsion of wine and cheese is flour or cornstarch.
  • Homer’s Iliad includes a recipe (lines 629-645) that might have been a precursor to cheese fondue.

How to celebrate National Cheese Fondue Day:

Get together and enjoy some fondue. It’s not a solo sport, so grab your date or gather your friends. Fondue restaurants abound, but you can also make a fine fondue at home.

What’s the hashtag for National Cheese Fondue Day?

Use #NationalCheeseFondueDay on social media with pics of your fondue festivities.