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When is National Cheese Day?

June 4th is National Cheese Day.

What is National Cheese Day?

It’s too bad that we call tacky gimmicks ‘cheesy.’ Cheese is a refined and sophisticated food. It suits the astute judge of flavor and the voracious gobbler alike, and National Cheese Day honors this aged form of dairy.

Good cheese comes from happy cows, regardless of where those cows come from. Americans love cheese. Sometimes it blankets our pizzas or lightly tops a mound of spaghetti. Other times, it travels from distant lands, wrapped in wax and thoroughly marbled.

However you like your cheese, National Cheese Day is the day to revel in its cheesy—and not at all tacky—goodness.

Fun facts about National Cheese Day!

  • A pound of cheese requires about 10 pounds of milk, and a cow can produce about 2,600 gallons of milk a year.
  • On average, the French eat 57 pounds of cheese a year, more than any other country’s average.
  • All 60 of the Master Cheesemakers in the U.S. live in Wisconsin.
  • Cheeses usually get capitalized if they’re named after cities and places, like Brie (the Brie region of France) and Gouda (a city in the Netherlands). Poor cheddar (named after a village in Somerset, England) rarely gets this special treatment.

How to celebrate National Cheese Day:

  • Enjoy your favorite cheeses. Or, create your own private sampling with whatever catches your eye in your grocery store’s fancy-pants cheese section. Invite your friends to make it a party.
  • Make your own cheese. If you live near a cheese specialty store, it probably sells a kit. Kits are easy enough to find online too. And some cheeses, like ricotta, don’t even require a kit.

What’s the hashtag for National Cheese Day?

Use #NationalCheeseDay to declare your devotion to cheese.