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When is this day? Catholic Men’s Conference Day (CMC Day) takes place on October 17th every year. It is a spectacular celebration that will point the way to faith-boosting, life-altering Catholic Men’s Conferences in your area. These conferences will feature the best in men’s speakers and draw out the best from the men who attend. A national day is meant to fire up Catholic men and make them aware of the upcoming conference themes for the year. 

What is this day?  It is our call to Catholic men across the U.S. to rise to the challenge to become all that they can be in Christ. This celebration will inspire men to live out their Catholic faith in a more authentic way.

Go To Our WEBSITE To Find Your Nearest Conference and you will learn all about these unique spiritual events, the dynamic Catholic speakers who will be featured, and the ways in which you can use these conferences to dive deeper into your faith. Whether your event comes before Advent or Lent, you will be led to a greater and more authentic relationship with the Savior who gave his life for you. You will be challenged to become better husbands, fathers, brothers, and men. You will discover what it means to help shape the Church that is continually shaping you. In short, you will come to a place where you can become a more genuine follower of Christ.

Where did the National Catholic Men’s Conference originate? The Connecticut Catholic Men’s Conference founded CMC Day to tell the world about this conference movement to rejuvenate Catholic practices in the United States.   

How did we come up with this unique celebration? The Catholic Men’s Conference movement is a growing experience of being and becoming, of discovering our worth as men and answering our call to follow the Holy Spirit in all we do. These conferences inspire many personal apostolates – helping men to serve the One who came to serve and give his life as a ransom for many. CMC’s are typically run by volunteers who give of their time, talent, and treasure ‘in the trenches’ to reach out to their brothers and those who are seeking Christ, to bring meaning to the living out of the Catholic faith as men.  October 17th is approximately 40 days before Advent during Ordinary Time.  

What is a Catholic Men’s Conference? A Catholic Men’s Conference is a day to honor the men who attend and call them to give their best to the Catholic Church. It is a time of spiritual healing and renewal. It is a time to celebrate what it means to be a Catholic man. It is a place where the best Catholic men’s speakers share their wisdom and their stories to help inspire others to follow Christ more fully. It answers basic needs that all Catholic men share:

  • FINDING spiritual direction in their lives.
  • INCREASING their spirituality and love for the sacraments.
  • TOUCHING their hearts & reviving a passion for the Holy Spirit.
  • OVERCOMING all that is holding them back from a life of holiness and wholeness.
  • REDISCOVERING the gratitude for the gifts that God has given them.

These conferences provide times for personal reflection, intimate fellowship, and meditative prayer. Men will be encouraged to receive the Sacrament of Confession and invited to celebrate the holy sacrifice of the Mass. During the conference outside groups will offer opportunities to get involved in local, regional, and national apostolates. Ultimately, it is meant to be a blessing, an open door to the Savior and a gift of faith. Men, you’ll leave your event with a greater desire to love your families well, share your faith with other men, and serve the Church that has called you to this great and lasting hope.

How should this day be celebrated or observed? Take time to research where your nearest Men’s Conference will be held, gather like-minded men together for the event, get your tickets, and prepare for one of the most inspiring times of your life. And do not be afraid to get involved with planning and carrying out your event. We can always use men with gifts and a willingness to bless others with their time, talent, and treasure. Come ready to share your Catholic faith and go forth from the conference ready to make the world a better place for Christ!