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When is National Care for Your Coworker Day? This day will take place on July 23 of each calendar year.

What is National Care for Your Coworker Day? The greatest asset you can have at your job is working with a great team. We often spend more time with our coworkers than we do our own families. When you have an environment with caring and kind coworkers, you have a more productive, rewarding, fulfilling, and enjoyable day at work. Showing that you care fosters acceptance, inclusion, equity, dignity and respect. These are the cornerstones of a good life and a great place to work. We should expect these same qualities from the people we interact with daily at our jobs. Collectively, when coworkers care about each other, it can be a force for good at the individual, organizational and community level. The caring will naturally continue outside the workplace.

Why is this day being celebrated or observed? For many, getting through the challenges at work during this global pandemic has only been possible because of caring and supporting coworkers. Even though our worksites may have changed and we had social distancing requirements, mentally and emotionally we know we had a support system. Having people that care around you gives you the capacity to adapt and recover from difficult situations faster. One small positive gesture from a coworker can help you get through a tough day. We need to recognize this and celebrate this. The benefits and opportunities are endless when you are working with people who not only care about what they are doing but also who they are doing it with. There is a National Boss’s Day and Employee Appreciation Day… Let there be a day where peer to peer / coworker to coworker we can say “Hey, its great working with you” or “Thanks for making this a fun place to work”.

How should this day be celebrated or observed? Show your appreciation to your coworkers. Bring them a cup of coffee or breakfast; Buy them lunch; Tell them thanks for always being there; Or thanks for always listening to your stories about your family; or allowing you to vent about your frustrations with a current project. Or say thanks for always picking up your call or answering your email. Be kind. Show compassion; show acceptance; show respect; Be inclusive. Care for your coworker.

Who created this day? This day was created in April 2021 by Jennifer Husby.