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When is this day celebrated? April 6

What is this day? In the world of foodies and pasta lovers, Carbonara is one of the most beloved recipes that naturally brings everyone together. With this day we’d like to honor the Carbonara dish and raise awareness of the authentic recipe as well as recipe variations and encourage people to connect with their family and friends over a bowl of the favored dish. National Carbonara Day is a day that invites food and Carbonara lovers alike to celebrate the classic Italian pasta dish made with egg, Pecorino Romano cheese, guanciale or pancetta, and freshly ground black pepper. A combination of ingredients that pair perfectly with a base of al dente spaghetti, for a creamy texture. 

Who created this day? This day was founded by Barilla Pasta in 2019.

How should this day be celebrated? Celebrate with friends and family over a bowl of delicious Carbonara. People can also join the Carbonara Day celebration by taking the #CarbonaraChallenge and making their favorite Carbonara recipe to be shared with their family and friends. To make sure the fun continues, Carbonara lovers can also challenge their friends to make their own favorite Carbonara recipe using #CarbonaraChallenge on social.