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When is National Cappuccino Day?

National Cappuccino Day is November 8th.

What is National Cappuccino Day?

Chatting in a café or curled on the couch, Americans like their cappuccinos. It’s an elegant drink. National Cappuccino Day celebrates this concoction of espresso, steamed milk, and foam.

Crafting a cappuccino can be challenging. The ratio of foam in the milk, the quality of the espresso, and the art of the pour demand focus and patience.   

The cappuccino name hails from the Capuchin friars, a branch of the Franciscan order in the Roman Catholic Church. The Capuchins wore a hooded habit with a color similar to this mixture of frothed milk and espresso. The cappuccino origin story is murky, but the beverage’s popularity boomed after World War II with major improvements to espresso machines.

Cappuccinos take espresso to another level, and National Cappuccino Day is the chance to enjoy one of coffee’s more refined arts.

Fun facts about National Cappuccino Day!

Whole milk produces a robust, smooth foam to top your cappuccino. Milks with lighter fat contents tend to produce short-lived foam caps.

Many Italians enjoy a cappuccino every morning with breakfast, but not after mid-morning.

The foam on a cappuccino insulates it, keeping that cuppa hot for longer periods.

How to celebrate National Cappuccino Day:

Indulge your coffee tastes with a cappuccino. The Italians may confine their cappuccino consumption to breakfast time, but nobody will stop you from enjoying them all day long.

What’s the hashtag for National Cappuccino Day?

Post a picture of your cappuccino and use #CappuccinoDay on social media.