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National Cancer Thriver Day

When is National Cancer Thriver Day? This day will take place on the second Sunday in June of each calendar year.

What is National Cancer Thriver Day? I am the director of Connect4Cancer, a cancer advocacy non-profit based in Los Angeles. We have been helping those affected by cancer and their families for 9 years. There are currently 22 million cancer survivors in the USA. June is National Cancer Survivor Month. Our mission dictates that not only do we support those affected by cancer to “survive” but we push them to THRIVE!The first Sunday in June is usually National Cancer Survivor Day. We would like you to grant us the ability to follow up that day in June and have the second Sunday in June be National Cancer Thriver Day. A day to celebrate those who have not only survived cancer, but those who have thrived while having cancer.

Why is this day being celebrated or observed? This day will serve as an inspiration for those recently diagnosed with cancer. A day when families gather to support their relatives and friends with cancer. A day to reach out to others in the cancer community who need the support during this life threatening time. For nine years, we have heard stories from those affected by cancer that survival is not enough. Although their lives haves changed, they are not their cancer diagnosis.They want to move past being labeled “cancer”. They want to survive, succeed and be recognized as a Thriver! Thrivers deserve to have their “Day”!

How should this day be celebrated or observed? Families of those affected by cancer and the cancer patients themselves will gather to have an “Inspiration Party”. To inspire those with cancer to not only to survive but to thrive! Very importantly, it is a day to celebrate life and the possibilities of succeeding and thriving despite having this horrible disease. Other organizations, can join in from all cities with their own ideas (i.e., 3K walk, free concerts or parades). The need to keep the spirit and celebration going from June being Cancer Survivor Month and National Cancer Survivor Day the week prior will be extremely beneficial to those affected by cancer and their families and friends.

Who created this day? This day was created in June 2021 by Connect4Cancer.