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When is National Cancer Survivors Day?

June 2nd is National Cancer Survivors Day

What is National Cancer Survivors Day?

Cancer is a monster. Lucky for us, modern medicine has developed some effective treatments for this beast. More people today beat cancer than ever before. National Cancer Survivors Day celebrates their victories and highlights the challenges survivors continue to face after remission.

According to the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation, any living person with a cancer history is a survivor. From diagnosis and through the rest of life, cancer survivors face unique challenges. Sadly, the fight doesn’t end when cancer goes into remission.

Survivors often have trouble finding health insurance and life insurance. The fear of recurrence looms over their heads. Medical expenses and lost wages can create a mountain of debt. Relationship strain, reduced productivity, and the ordeal’s emotional dimension all add up to tremendous obstacles.

But cancer survivors are not alone. The survivor-friendly community is growing. National Cancer Survivors Day promotes the development of resources, research, and legislation to improve the quality of life for cancer survivors.

Facts about National Cancer Survivors Day!

  • In 2016, there were more than 15.5 million American cancer survivors.
  • After a cancer diagnosis, 80% of people return to work.
  • Cancer survivors experience what is called “premature aging,” which includes a higher risk of heart disease, strokes, or second cancers than others in their age group.
  • Survivors often face discrimination in the workplace, whether their diagnosis affects their productivity or not.

How to celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day:

  • Attend an event put on by the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation to celebrate the lives of cancer survivors.
  • If you know a cancer survivor, give them a call or send them a note. Tell them that you value their life and list things you appreciate about them.

What’s the hashtag for National Cancer Survivors Day?

Give cancer survivors a shout out on social media with #NationalCancerSurvivorsDay.