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When is National Bowling Day? National Bowling Day is observed every year on the second Saturday of August!

What is National Bowling Day? The first National Bowling Day was put on by The Bowling Proprietor’s Association of America, Inc. in conjunction with General Cigar Company and NBC-TV in 1956. Millions of bowlers came out for the televised event in order to raise money for the American Red Cross. National Bowling Day has never been repeated on the same scale but the movement begun in 1956 has carried on since then.

Fun facts about bowling:

  • Bowling was played in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea. However, this was the first and last bowling Olympic appearance.
  • Bowling, with the rules and form that we currently have it, was first practiced in Germany. Stones were rolled down an alley to knock down pin-like items. It was believed that knocking down the pins removed sins.
  • The maximum number of holes allowed in a bowling ball is 12.
  • You get a “Golden Turkey” when you bowl nine strikes in a row.
  • There is no minimum weight requirement on a bowling ball. The lightest one ever made weighed only four pounds.
  • Reno, Nevada is home to a bowling stadium.

How to celebrate National Bowling Day: Bowling is one of those few sports that is fun and competitive for both youth and adult alike. For National Bowling Day get together with friends and/or family and get out there for some bowling!

What is the hashtag for National Bowling Day? Make sure to get pictures and share them at #nationalbowlingday!