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When is National Bologna Day?

October 24th is National Bologna Day.

What is National Bologna Day?

Spell it ‘baloney’ or ‘bologna,’ but either way, it’s a lunchtime favorite. Despite the fierce lunchmeat competition, bologna has surpassed the likes of cow tongue and oxtail to become a classic American sandwich meat. National Bologna Day celebrates this worthy sausage.

How do you savor bologna? Some create sandwiches with their favorite garnishes, like the mayonnaise-mustard-cheese-lettuce-onion-pickle combo. Any good sandwich needs a strong foundation, so bread choice is essential. For some extra zing, you can fry the onions for 30 seconds until they caramelize while you heat your lunchmeat on the skillet.

But that’s not the only delicious way people observe National Bologna Day. Bologna forms a bowl when heated up. (It’s crazy, but true. It has to do with the fat rendering.) To try this, place cheese in the center of a piece of bologna. Then microwave for a minute until the edges curl. Or you can fry it on the stove until the center puffs up, flip it over, and add eggs and cheese.

So however you enjoy your bologna, use National Bologna Day to celebrate this renowned lunchmeat.

Fun facts about National Bologna Day!

  • Bologna descends from an Italian meat called Mortadella which comes from Bologna, Italy.
  • Bologna is finely ground or hashed sausage, usually made with pork but sometimes made with other meats like turkey or chicken.
  • In South Africa, bologna goes by the name ‘polony’ and is often more highly processed than its American cousin.

How to celebrate National Bologna Day:

Make a bologna sandwich, fry bologna and eggs, create a bologna casserole, or find your favorite bologna bowl style. There are plenty of bologna recipes online to keep you busy for the day.

What’s the hashtag for National Bologna Day?

Show your love on social media by using #NationalBolognaDay.