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When is National Birth Mother’s Day?

National Birth Mother’s Day is the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

What is National Birth Mother’s Day?

She endured pregnancy and braved her way through labor, only to offer her child to another, perhaps better prepared, family. Offering a child for adoption is a feat of character. This woman deserves some applause. National Birth Mother’s Day honors the biological mothers of adopted children.

The norm used to be closed adoption. Birth moms rarely stayed in contact with children they adopted out. Since the ‘80s, open adoption has become much more common. Child-placement agencies and the families involved continue to find more benefits in open adoption, so more and more of these kids maintain some level of contact with their biological mother.

But National Birth Mother’s Day isn’t just designed for kids. Biological mothers often go through with an adoption plan despite feelings of loss, sadness, and shame. These moms, in truth, deserve respect and compassion. Adoptive families and children alike can use National Birth Mother’s Day to recognize birth moms for their consideration and kindness.

Fun facts about National Birth Mother’s Day!

Most birth mothers are between 25 and 35 years old.

Biological moms come from all walks of life. It’s a gross misconception that all birth mothers are promiscuous, or homeless, or addicted to drugs.

Birth mothers choose adoption out of love for their child, not indifference. Pregnancy is an ordeal, but they go through it so that their child can lead a better life than they can offer.

How to celebrate National Birth Mother’s Day:

Celebrating a biological mom will depend on how open the adoptive agreement is. Throw a party in her honor. Take her to dinner as an expression of appreciation. Or, just send her pictures and a note of encouragement and gratitude. Be wise in how you observe this day, and honor whatever agreements are already in place.

If you know a mother who placed her child with another family, let her know you’re thinking about her and admire her courage and strength.

What’s the hashtag for National Birth Mother’s Day?

Use #NationalBirthMothersDay on social media to thank birth moms.