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Bakers Crafters Makers Day

When is National Bakers-Crafters-Makers Day? This day will take place on January 21 of each calendar year.

What is National Bakers-Crafters-Makers Day? This day celebrates the handmade creators of the world! Making a product comes from the soul. It involves reflection, passion and skill. The final result provides happiness for both the creator and its recipient—something our world needs and continually seeks.

Why is this day being celebrated? Making handmade products is an investment of time and energy. The results are one-of-a-kind and enrich our lives by surrounding us with beauty and individuality. People who have chosen this path as a small business often miss out on holidays and personal time in order to fill the requests of others. The more they sell, the more work they’ve made for themselves. This day is to thank handmade product makers for that sacrifice and to support them during a time of rejuvenation and growth for the future year. Handmade products provide an opportunity to add extra financial support to the family and is available to anyone with a creative flair. That makes for endless possibilities.

How should this day be celebrated? Support your fellow handmade creators in the following ways:
1. Call a friend who makes things as a hobby and tell them how much you like their creations. A compliment goes a long way.
2. Think of friends who are handmade product creators when you have a gift to give. It will be all the more special for its uniqueness.
3. Purchase products from small businesses that make their own products. There is a family behind the logo who relies on this income for part or all of their needs.
4. If you’re a maker, support another maker through purchasing their product or just reaching out to tell them they’ve inspired you or motivated you to do something you’d never thought of before.
5. If you’re part of a group, like a quilting guild, do something special to highlight each other. Or start a special charity project in honor of your organization to pay it forward.
6. As a handmade maker, do something special for yourself today. Maybe actually USE your product that you work so hard for others to enjoy.
7. Recognize overall that handmade products are how our more comfortable life began…small villages of crafters making garments for warmth, jewelry for adornment, tools of all kinds to make tasks easier. Granted, we’re more sophisticated now, but the passion for unique handcrafted items lives on.

Who created this day? This day was created in November 2020 by Gift Biz Unwrapped.