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When is National Bacon Day?

December 30th is National Bacon Day.

What is National Bacon Day?

You have been waiting all year long. You know intuitively what this day is, but you want to hear it anyways. On National Bacon Day, we celebrate the existence of bacon.

It’s hard to stay in bed when the skillet sends the fragrance of bacon wafting out of the kitchen. Bacon is more than just a breakfast food though. It tops our sandwiches and salads at lunch, and at dinner we wrap it around tenderloin, asparagus, scallops, and so many other foods. Bacon-wrapped dates, anyone?

Bacon has been around for millennia. We know the Ancient Chinese ate it, as well as the Ancient Romans. The first bacon factories opened in the 1700s. Today they’re going stronger (and cleaner) than ever because of the bacon craze sweeping the country. We love this meat, so we pay homage to bacon on National Bacon Day.

Fun facts about National Bacon Day!

  • Every year, Americans eat about 18 pounds of bacon on average.
  • Oscar Meyer created a dating app called Sizzl to help bacon lovers find each other.
  • The word ‘bacon’ literally refers to the back of a pig.
  • During World War II, U.S. civilians donated leftover bacon grease to the military, which rendered the fat to create glycerin. This was then used to make bombs and gunpowder.

How to celebrate National Bacon Day:

Yes, you may eat bacon today. And yes, you may eat it any way you can imagine. Sprinkle it on a doughnut? You’ll be in good company. Top a BLT with it? Sure. Drizzle chocolate on it? Why not? It’s National Bacon Day, so go hog-wild.

What’s the hashtag for National Bacon Day?

Parade your love for bacon by using #BaconDay on social media.