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When is National Awkward Moments Day?

March 18th is National Awkward Moments Day.

What is National Awkward Moments Day?

We dread awkward moments. Forgetting the name of our boss, tripping on flat ground, daydreaming at the wrong time—just the memory makes us cringe. National Awkward Moments Day steps into the punch and celebrates the absurdity of our more embarrassing memories.

Awkward turtle. Why is there a whole day dedicated to awkward moments? Because everyone has them, and it’s okay. Seriously, a lot of people learning Spanish get the words for “embarrassed” and “pregnant” confused, and I’m sure you can imagine the humor that follows.

It’s usually easier to laugh after the awkward moment has passed. Sometimes we need to laugh at it with a friend just to restore our dignity. National Awkward Moments Day gives us the perfect chance to relish the variety and absurdity of human behavior by laughing at ourselves. 

Fun facts about National Awkward Moments Day!

  • Awkward moments are not the end of the world, though we interpret them that way at first. Other people usually don’t notice our awkwardness as much as we do.
  • The awkward situation might not be resolved if we run away, and the awkward feelings themselves often persist too.
  • Joking about awkwardness at the moment can diffuse the discomfort. Laughing about it afterwards helps in the same way.

How to celebrate National Awkward Moments Day:

Throw an Awkward Moments party. Get your friends together with some snacks and drinks, and regale each other with your most awkward moments.

What’s the hashtag for National Awkward Moments Day?

Boldly post your favorite awkward moment on social media with #AwkwardMomentsDay.