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When is this day celebrated? September 17

Why is this day being celebrated? This was created in memory of Arielle K. Sterrett, who passed away suddenly in October 2017. She was the most loving, kind person who wished that she could have saved the world. She always showed kindness and love to all.

Who founded this day? This day was founded by Arielle’s mom, Michelle Rojas-Sterrett, in 2018. 

How to celebrate: This is a day to show an act of kindness to humans and animals. It can be displayed by either a simple hug or a small gift or cup of coffee/tea. It must be a way to show that there’s still love in this nation from people who aren’t afraid to show it.

Social media: If you complete an act of kindness on this day and wish to share it, please use the tag #ForHer.