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When is National Arcade Day? National Arcade Day will be celebrated on April 8th of each calendar year.

What is National Arcade Day? Arcades are incredible places for young and old alike. For many parents they bring about nostalgia, and for kids they’re a larger-than-life experience of light and sound. They’re great places for families to connect and for an adult to act like a kid again. Arcades are fun, social hives of activity that foster fun and friendly competition, and get people out into the community. National Arcade Day celebrates this awesome entertainment format and encourages people to get out and have some fun!

Why is this day being created? Contrary to what some believe, arcades are as popular as they’ve ever been. They’re a thriving part of today’s Out-of-Home Entertainment Industry! Arcades have evolved into new formats, most common today is the Family Entertainment Center (or Bowling Entertainment Center). Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) generally offer an anchor attraction such as bowling, go karting or mini golf, but the arcade is always a key staple of the venue.

We want to make this day official to help boost the arcade industry and give arcade owners and operators a great promotional day to drive business to their venues, and give players a great reason to get out, escape and have some good clean fun.

How should this day be celebrated? Easy, get out to the arcade and play some games! Any arcade! Multiple arcades!!

Who created this day? This day was created by LAI Games.