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When is American Family Day?

American Family Day occurs on the first Sunday in August.

What is American Family Day?

By the beginning of August, summer is on its way out. You only have so many barbeque weekends left. How are you going to use them? With your family, says American Family Day. This day promotes family time as a foundational pastime for our nation.

It’s not a commercial holiday though. Don’t go buy your kids more toys or get dad another watch. Your family needs you to be present. This day is all about the timeless value of quality time. American Family Day encourages us to spend time with each other and cultivate those sibling relationships, parent-child affection, and the connections with our extended family.

American Family Day began in Arizona as a proclamation for 1977. The next year, a new governor signed it into Arizona law as a state holiday. North Carolina and Georgia also participate.

Fun facts about American Family Day!

  • Family time builds children’s confidence by letting them make mistakes early on in a non-judgmental setting.
  • Children are more willing to confide in their parents as they get older if their parents spent quality time with them when they are younger.
  • Family time lowers stress, for grown-ups and for kids.
  • Any day is a good day to hang out with the fam.

How to celebrate American Family Day:

  • Host a cookout and invite the relatives.
  • Play catch or a pickup football game with your kids.
  • Teach your children something new and cool.
  • Don’t buy presents.
  • What’s the hashtag for American Family Day?

Spread the word among your friends by using #AmericanFamilyDay on social media.