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When will this Day be celebrated?  August 8th of each calendar year.

What is National Africa-US Rising Cashew Day?   

AFRICA RISING INVESTMENT, INC  is creating this National Day of celebration for cashew farmers of Africa and the rising of black health in America. This National Day signifies a day of education about the work ethics of farmers, the cultivation of cashews from the soil of the seed to the process of transporting cashews, a raw commodity to packaging and storing of cashews as a dry good. Additionally, this day denotes the day of pinpointing the economic development and trade of a raw commodity that is essential to the imperative nutrients of human beings. It gives rise to the focus of the following nutrients that cashews provide such as: magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium. Substantially, the nutrient, magnesium aids in contributing to the optimistic flow of good heart, bones, and health of nerves.

The community of sugar diabetes will benefit from the awareness of National Africa-US Rising Cashew Day. In addition, this day will be a reminder to revisit the necessity of eating foods rich in magnesium to help fortify the minds and the relaxation needed in a stressful environment that most Americans with sugar diabetes endure. Also this day is imperative for many to reflect on the processes of transportation of healthy goods from the motherland of Africa and spearheaded by the country of Gambia located in West Africa. Gambia and its wealthy network of farmers is of substantial importance to the connection to affording all constituents of the product of cashews that are in relation to consumption to products of cashews.

National Africa-US Rising Cashew Day is an appointed time to revisit how important good soil is to the nourishment of consumers. It’s also a day for people to acknowledge the importance of technology and how instrumental it is to the business of eating healthy. In so doing, as a National Day there it will be a projection for generations to come to recognize the importance of the United States Equal Protection Agency (E.P.A.) Department, such as the Agriculture and Forestry Department as well as to become more cognizant of the climate and to grant more due diligence at preventing a climate crisis. Discussions of the historical impact of the wealth of nutrients that cashews produce will not only project more possibilities of better health campaigns and education towards preventative health issues that research has depicted magnesium as an insufficient nutrient within humans, the business and work ethic of farmers spearheaded from the country, Gambia located in West Africa, and the propensity of the evolvement of technology stipulates the quaint amount of the effects of Africa Rising Investment, Inc.

Why is this day being created?   

This day is being created because it’s the first time ever that farmers of cashews and an executive entrepreneur from the country of Gambia located in West Africa and a black owned CASHEW company, AFRICA RISING INVESTMENT, INC located In the United States of America created an import/export business that is registered on Over The Counter (OTC). Furthermore, this day is being created to exemplify for many people who deem all farmers as part of the intricate fiber toward a more healthy nation. In addition, National-US Africa Rising Cashew Day is being created as a national day of recognition of a commodity that can help reduce the health deterioration of the quality of life of ill-informed patients of sugar diabetes.

The significance of the creation of this day is also because efforts at promoting good natural food consumption from the raw commodity, cashews has a plethora of health benefits and the economical benefits are more reasons why National Africa-US Rising Cashew Day needs to be recognized nationally. In essence, it needs to become a staple project and we want to introduce this superfood food to the world from two of the continents of the Global North. Africa, which produces over 50% of cashews, is a great study for math fields such as micro/macro economics to increase financial literacy of future generations, thereby, the creation of National Africa-US Rising Cashew Day is vital to the impact of the world. Additionally, students enrolled in higher education that focus in the fields of health, agriculture, technology, as well as other fields such as geology will benefit from the amalgamate of AFRICA RISING INVESTMENT, INC and the CASHEW company in America due to more careers will be accessible. Parents and children will benefit from the consumption and neurological education about cashews as well. Moreover, this day is also being created because there is a need for more Americans to learn more about the incomputable benefits of cashews. Overwhelmingly, National Africa-US Rising Cashew Day is being created to empower communities at large with health and sustainable income benefits.

How should this day be observed?   

People should learn more about cashews such as the health components and production of cashews. They should celebrate with tasting cashews in various forms. For example, they should taste many cashew products such as cashew milk, cashew butter, cashew desserts and more. In addition, arts and crafts should be created to further educate and advertise the many benefits of cashews and to recognize the efforts of Africa Rising Investment, Inc. as it supports and brings awareness to the cashew industry.

Who created this day?  This day was created by AFRICA RISING INVESTMENT, INC in 2022.