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Mission statement: To inspire mankind to think globally and act locally in ways that impact our world for the better.

When is this day? September 5

What is this day? National Actdumb. Day is for encouraging people to come together on September 5th of each year. It is day to remind us all that we support and accept each other. We want to encourage people to “act dumb” meaning do something kind whether it be to help an elderly person cross the street or sit with a lonely kid at their school lunch table. Something worthy that makes someone else smile and knows that you care.

Who created this day? This day was created by Actdumb. in 2020. 

How should this day be celebrated or observed? We will promote this day of fun on our website, social media, and with brand ambassadors. We will also reach out to local news stations and print flyers to leave at local businesses. We will be encouraging people to bring Frisbees, soccer balls and other outside fun games to their local park on this day. This will encourage people to come together and make new friends. What a fun day this will be celebrating National Actdumb. one park at a time.