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When will this Day be celebrated?  September 25th of each calendar year.

What is National 9to5 Day?   

National 9to5 Day is a holiday made to celebrate by giving honor and recognition to everyone who works a 9-5 job from largest to smallest and high paying to low paying, everyone ESPECIALLY and MOST IMPORTANTLY those who worked ESSENTIAL jobs during the COVID PANDEMIC should be recognized. National 9to5 Day shows how meaningful a 9-5 is to life and the world economy, and to bring to remembrance how people have risked their lives going to work while Covid was killing people, just to be able to make money to take care of themselves and their families!

Why is this day being created?   

There are many holidays that were made to celebrate many other job titles that are more common, popular, and more important than others, so the best solution to not leave anyone out and make people think their job isn’t significant to life, is to make a holiday to celebrate them all at once!

How should this day be observed?   

The best way to celebrate 9to5 Day is to encourage people to give out Thank You cards to people who are actively working a job or on leave for their specific job title and hard work, also gifts should be given and cookouts held among people and coworkers! Workers at companies should push to make this a federal holiday and for companies to give out gifts and bonuses to ALL its workers.

Who created this day?  This day was created by 9to5 World, LLC in 2022.