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When is this day celebrated? March 4

What is this day? After honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in January, and Black History Month in February, March 4th is the opportune time for Americans to “March Forth” towards unity so that we can remember our dark history without reliving it.

March Forth is a Christian holiday that invites all American citizens to begin anew, by making an effort to open our hearts and minds to the common goal of unity, and the work of racial reconciliation through the love of God. 

Honoring March Forth means that we commit our speech to solution-oriented dialogue, we take hope-filled actions that builds trust, and foster relationships in order for our nation to be joined as a whole. 
Four Ways to Honor March Fourth: 
1. Celebrate diversity by having a celebratory meal with a diverse group of friends that includes various ethnic cuisines, and a variety of Christian music genres worldwide.

2. Prayerfully write a letter to your community, church or national leaders about the social equities that you would like for others to enjoy, while also mentioning the unifying virtues that you stand for.

3. Read aloud scriptures of unity and healing such as:

Revelation 7:9
2 Corinthians 5:16-21
John 17: 20-23
Psalm 133:1
Matthew 7:12
Genesis 50:20

4. Stand in verbal agreement by sincerely reciting “A Prayer for Racial Healing and Reconciliation”


We thank you for your amazing grace and great redemption for America’s original sin of racism. With Your help, we can remember our history without reliving it or repeating it. 

May our leaders fear You and be just. We ask for the healing of those who are grieving, hurting or afraid. May Your light of love drive out the darkness of hate. 

We ask for the commitment of unity to rest in the hearts and minds of each citizen in our nation. We are of one race,  the human race, though we know that racial reconciliation is a vital process, and the maintenance of unity is a continual work. 

Lord, please use me to be a part of this mighty work. Instill in me an unwavering hope and faith in Your power that is at work within us. Help me to change my mind and to ask for forgiveness of my trespasses. Help me to forgive others who have trespassed against me, as You did. Help me to connect with those who are different from me.

We appreciate the power and beauty that You have created in all of us. We honor that You have made us all equal with the celebration of our ethnic differences.

May we March Forth in unity this day, and throughout the year. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”


Note: It is intentional that we do not celebrate this day by forcing or demanding racial healing or reconciliation but that we march forth in unity by taking hope-filled actions that build trust in our spheres of influence, and in our relationships with others as we examine our own mentality about various people.

Christ-centered parades that celebrate ethnic diversity are certainly encouraged.

Is March Forth celebrated with a civil rights march on March 4th?

Physically marching for racial healing and reconciliation would be counterproductive to initiating the inner reconciliation work required for unity. 

Traditionally, marching demonstrates requesting a change that is out of one’s control, this holiday inspires a personal commitment that one is already at liberty to make. 

As citizens, we do not need legislation to connect with others who are different from us.

Our Holiday Hashtag: #MarchForthInUnity

Share your photos and videos of your March Forth celebration on social media! Be sure to include your city and state in your post, to demonstrate the spreading of unity!

Ethnic unity starts with people from various cultural backgrounds respecting one another.

Who created this day? March Forth was created by the founder of the March Forth Movement, Alicea Joy Davis.