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When is this day celebrated? January 17

What is this day? This day is an International Day to celebrate the fact that “We Are Not Broken” despite what society thinks of those that have endured trauma, have mental illness, have had amputations, have physical scars or have invisible illness. Broken indicates something that is no longer in working order, trauma and disease does not dictate that we are broken and never should. So often when we are hit with a challenge that changes our physical being or the state in which we live daily because of something out of our control we are labeled as broken. This label of broken leads to depression, isolation, guilt, something beyond our control now becomes a whole other issue in our lives. This cycle needs to stop, we need to recognize we are not broken, we overcome and we can challenge the societal norms and change the narrative.

Who created this day? This day was founded by We Are Not Broken in 2019. 

How should this day be celebrated? Everyone should collectively come together to share the stories and show the world what they believe is broken is actually a thing of beauty.