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What is International War Folly Day?
International War Folly Day is a day set aside to raise awareness about the folly of war and to expose those who sell the world on war. We hope to see it gain traction worldwide, with people writing letters to the editor, holding demonstrations in the streets, passing resolutions in state legislatures, endorsed by individuals and groups of all sorts, including especially many peace and religious groups. We hope to make it harder for the powers that be to stir up war frenzy and rush the world into more ill-conceived, unnecessary, and often more perpetual and insanely costly wars. We hope to underscore the human cost of war and foster goodwill among people. This is a day for all of us, and so our plan is decentralized. We hope you will own it and champion it in your own way and setting and communicate back to us so we can share it with others.
Why is this day being celebrated or observed?
Especially after Afghanistan, the world needs to look closer and think harder about what we are really doing in war; its irrationality, insanity, injustice, immorality, its ineffectiveness and high human cost. We picked the 8th of August because 8 is the number of new beginnings, and because the very number is a visual of the never-ending cycle of violence. One can easily be supportive of our troops and in favor of national defense and still observe International War Folly Day. We support our troops the best when we insist on transparency and truth about what they are being asked to do and why, and who truly benefits. The fog of war isn’t just the chaos and confusion on the battlefield. There is a fog machine we need to unplug; financiers of war, oligarchy, propaganda purveyors, and political hawks. We aim to press the question: is this present skirmish worth the life of my son or daughter? If we can avert one conflict, all our efforts will be worth it.
How should this day be celebrated or observed?
We envision a large grassroots online presence and a swell of activity on campuses and in cities underscoring the folly of war. We hope some will take it to the streets in communities and cities worldwide. We hope to see promotion of International War Folly Day in various languages, on university campuses, and at the seats of power.
Who created this day? This day was created in November 2021 by Steve Hickey.