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When is this day celebrated? November 1

What is this day? Pet Groomer Appreciation Day is a day to celebrate those who work in the pet (dog, cat, rabbit, etc) grooming industry. Pet groomers bathe and/or give pet trims and spa days to your furry family members. Pet Groomers are extremely compassionate individuals that have an incredible amount of love and passion for this career! They deserve to be celebrated as a vital member of the pet professional community in that we help the pet owners in keeping their animals clean, trimmed, healthy (brushing teeth and cleaning ears). As pet groomers, they work with parents to keep their pets clean, happy, and healthy. They sometimes even find differences in their skin, coat, and ears that may reveal something requiring a vet visit that has saved many lives! Groomers love their pets just as their parents do and when they lose that pet, the groomer loses them too. Pet groomers are professionals, they train for breeds, they train for styles, they train for CPR and First Aid, and they keep going to conventions for continuing education for health, products, and trends. We put forth not just a huge portion of our hearts, but our lives and our income as well in order to take care of the pets in this world.

Who created this day? This day was founded by Krista Olson in 2019. 

How should this day be celebrated? National Pet Groomer Appreciation Day can be celebrated by posting and tagging your groomers on social media. They always love the thought of home baked treats, buy them a coffee, a present for the shop, or the always appreciated gratuity. THey honestly love what they do,  and your appreciation means so much more than money!