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When will International Painters Appreciation Day be celebrated? April 30th of each calendar year.

What is International Painters Appreciation Day? April 30th is at the beginning of Spring, and the beginning of ramping up for a busy exterior painting season. In the majority of many countries there is a small window of opportunity to accomplish a lot of restoration of structures, buildings and house facades. This in turn rallies the moral of everyone and increases the value of homes, businesses, etc. in our communities. Overall, that creates a positive alignment for the growth of commerce and relationships, in other words it brings the community together and creates a soothing backdrop for gatherings or get-togethers. It’s a known fact that colors affect our psyche. Painting is an ancient art that began in caves over 40,000 years ago. I believe painting deserves to be recognized.

How should International Painters Appreciation Day be celebrated or observed? 

To celebrate this day:

  • Hire a painter to do some work around your home or business and take a picture with the painter in front of the freshly painted building.
  • Go out with your family and take a picture in front of a newly refinished structure.
  • Buy some paint and a brush and complete a small painting project around your home.
  • Or get a group together and paint something for an elderly or less fortunate person to lift their spirits.
  • Stain your picnic table and have a cookout.
  • What is paramount is to observe EPA ethics and to properly contain and dispose of paint.

Why was International Painters Appreciation Day created? 

  • There are around 3 million painters in the United States.  In addition, the network includes research and development, chemists, testing, manufacturing, marketing, logistics and vendors.  Then finally the painter receives the material and completes the final task of applying it onto the surface for a lasting enhanced protective coating that will withstand the elements and tests of time.
  • Painting is not always first on the to do list, and not necessarily a necessity. And you can get a pulse on the economy by observing how busy the industry is.
  • Last but far from least, painting is 9th or 10th on the list for most dangerous jobs in the World. Men and women risk their lives to revive a century home, a bridge dedicated to a fallen veteran, or a vintage high-rise.
  • A professional paint job makes our world appear a little brighter with an artistic touch and hardworking spirit emanating from the focal points.

Who created this day?This day was created by William Jaworske, elected officer of Local Union 707 Cleveland, OH, District Council 6, in 2022.