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When is this day? July 31

What is this day? At the beach, a water park, resort or your neighborhood pool or aquatic facility, lifeguards are ready and qualified to monitor and assist swimmers and perform life-saving measures when necessary. These public safety professionals stay alert, vigilant and attentive so others can have fun in the water. International Lifeguard Appreciation Day is a day to honor those who keep us safe.

It may look like fun in the sun but these certified first responders are constantly training to maintain their rescue skills, provide top-notch guest service and facility safety, keep pool water clean and properly sanitized, and keep a watchful eye on guests.

As first responders, professional lifeguards are trained and certified in CPR, oxygen administration, AED use and first aid. Their skills are tested both in the water and on land. They have a massive responsibility and put their own health and safety at risk, exposing themselves to the transmission of disease and potential injury. Stern enforcers of rules designed to protect swimmers, lifeguards also extend their compassion and care helping families fit lifejackets, answering questions, and maintaining rigorous sanitation protocol.

Lifeguards are the heroes of the beach, pool, lake and water park.

Who created this day? This day was founded by Ellis & Associates in 2020. 

How should this day be celebrated or observed? Thank your neighborhood, water park, gym or club lifeguard simply by telling them “Thank you for all you do.” If your organization employs lifeguards, celebrate them with special thank you posters, social media posts, a staff party, an extra cooler full of ice-cold water or a visit from the ice-cream truck.

The best way to show your appreciation to a lifeguard is follow the facility rules, keep an eye on your children or weak swimmers, and willingly follow lifeguard instructions.