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When is International Day of Democracy?

The International Day of Democracy occurs on September 15th.

What is International Day of Democracy?

Count yourself a lucky duck if you can vote. Five hundred years ago, most of us would have heard about political decisions after the fact. International Day of Democracy celebrates the power of the people and promotes the inclusion of younger and marginalized populations in voting processes.

Life in a democracy sure beats life under tyranny. Citizens of democratic governments are likely to have more freedom and more protection. Depending on the leadership, democracies frequently offer a higher standard of living too.

Democracy isn’t perfect. Many voters misunderstand what they’re voting to uphold or prevent. On top of that, democratic bureaucracy tends to be a cumbersome and inefficient beast. Thankfully, that’s not the whole story.

Ah, majority rule that doesn’t infringe on the individual’s rights—that’s democracy for you. Take International Day of Democracy to enjoy your voting rights and to encourage political input from your friends.

Fun facts about International Day of Democracy!

Athens, Greece of the 6th century B.C. gets credit as democracy’s birthplace.

Suffrage is the right to vote in political elections.

Most countries today claim to be democratic, but many of these systems are either flawed democracies or hybrids of democratic and authoritarian rule.

Nations we call democracies are generally democratic republics, a blend of rule by the people (democracy) and rule by law (republic).

The oldest modern democracy is the United States of America.

How to celebrate International Day of Democracy:

Sit back and appreciate freedom. Think about free speech, freedom of religion, or the freedom to move from New York to Nebraska on a whim. It took millennia to win political power for the masses. Revel in that idea.

Research current political issues. Learn how the other side sees it, solidify your own position, and practice good listening.

Practice talking politics. It doesn’t have to be hostile. Just ask someone for their opinion on an issue. Then listen and ask good questions—not “smart” questions or aggressive questions, just curious questions.

What’s the hashtag for International Day of Democracy?

Use #DemocracyDay on social media to honor the values of democratic institutions.