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National Brick Maker Day

What is International Brick Maker Day?

International Brick Maker Day is to honor all those who have worked hard making bricks for many years, that have sheltered many … who have built jails to keep people safe and who have protected people from heavy weather. These people receive little to no recognition for what they do, and many of these brave man have passed down what they love most — the art of making bricks. The families of these brave man would love for their grandparents and fathers to be recognized and for future family to be proud of being of the same blood line as such courageous men.

How will International Brick Maker Day be celebrated?

This day will be celebrated by people while in there home, morning or night, remembering the people out there who, for centuries, have made sure that people have homes to live in. They made for their grandparents and parents a house and, with their love, made it a home!

Why was International Brick Maker Day?

This day was created by Frank Navarro in honor of all men who work their backs off, his wife’s grandpa Domingo, and his father-in-law Tomas Osuna Sanchez, who have all devoted their lives to this very hard, extreme work. There are 15 other men in his family who are blessed to be part of this craft.