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When is International Beer Day? International Beer Day annually takes place on the first Friday of August. In 2018 this falls on the 3rd.

What is International Beer Day? International Beer Day is a time to celebrate all cultures everywhere. It is also a simple occasion to thank the hardworking men and women who brew the stuff, day in and day out. Beer defies language barriers, geo-political boarders, and generational divides. International Beer Day was created for the sake of unity, camaraderie and commemorative revelry.

Fun facts about International Beer Day! International Beer Day was first celebrated in August of 2008 and now it celebrated globally in over 200 cities!

How to celebrate International Beer Day: At this point, your imagination is the only limit. For the sake of bridging life’s various divides, ask someone you normally wouldn’t get a beer with to go out and get one! Someone outside of your age bracket, someone outside of your ethnicity, someone outside of your social circle. Build a bridge.

Another great option is to visit a local brewery and learn about the beer that is produced from local soil. Hear the stories from the men and women who work there and spend the day enjoying their work.

It is possible to celebrate , and that is to be irresponsible with beer. Be dependable, take care of yourself and be lookout for your friends.

Check out International Beer Day’s website for more options and updates about International Beer Day!

What is the hashtag for International Beer Day? Use #internationalbeerday to record your celebrations!